The Digital transformation of 21st Century

The Digital transformation of 21st Century


Nuno Lopes is the leading researcher at Digital Transformation CoLAB and a professor in a part-time basis at the University of Minho. Currently, he holds two Postdoctoral positions. One on Computer Science at the University of Coimbra and another on Electronic Governance at the United Nations University. Previously, he was working at the United Nations University coordinating the research line on Smart Cities.

During his working life, he has been involved in several national, European and international projects, such as Electronic Governance for Context-Specific Public Service Delivery, Knowledge Society Policy Handbook, Policy Monitoring on Digital Technology for Inclusive Education, Intelligent Computing for Internet and Services, Internet of Things for Disabled People, Smart Defence and Smart Cities for Sustainable Development.

Nuno is Editor-in-Chief of the EAI Transaction on Smart Cities since 2018, Editor of the Springer Book on “Smart Governance for Cities: Perspectives and Experiences”, and, jointly with Rehema Baguma, Editor of the IGI Global Book on “Developing Knowledge Societies for Distinct Country Contexts”. He is co-author of the UNU Report on Smart Sustainable Cities for Developing Countries and of UNESCO Handbook on Knowledge Societies.

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